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WDCABHFPYMProgrammability - Rest API - Fixed an issue where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
YYUNCNSAAEClient - Editor - Fixed a hang that could occur in a document when selecting a collapsed section containing an attachment from the bottom to the top....
ASIACEHPARClient - Citrix - Fixed an issue where "Copy as document link" was not working in Citrix VDA version 2109. To enable this fix, set...
ASAECP9C4XClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with the Basic Client where failover was not occurring when the Archive Database was accessed via the mail files...
PPALCPCDK8Client - Editor - Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a document that contains numbering inside forms. This regression was introduced in...
HYZGCQZBPBClient - Views - Fixed an issue where a view column containing @Now formula is not refreshing. This regression was introduced in...
ASAECR8GLHClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where editing and saving a signed email received from an external sender that contained an attachment would result in...
RSTN7XBD4CClient - Infobox - Fixed an issue where the size of the full text index was incorrectly reported in the Database property "Full Text" tab when the...
SRKMCQU9GNClient/Designer - Views - Fixed an issue where some view column titles were not showing due to narrow view option being enabled. This regression was...
SAIACQ7G7UClient - Editor - Fixed an issue with numbered bulleted lists where bullet numbers did not reset correctly when editing email from outlook. This...
SAPLCRPMTWClient - Preferences - 64 bit client - Fixed an issue in the 64 bit client where the preference pane pane for Bidirectional is not shown when...
ARUICQLQQY Client - Full Text Index - Fixed an issue with the 32 bit client where creating a full text index with the "Index attached files" option along with...
THIOCQEEK6Client - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue in Notes 12.0.2 Basic client where words in attachments of local databases couldn't be searched for...
THIOCQEKMUClient - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue in Notes 12.0.2 Standard client where words in attachments of local databases couldn't be searched for...
TSAOCCSF8PClient - Accessiblity - Fixed an issue where JAWS would not read out the letter when user moved the caret with the right or left keys. This...
ADEECSQJ8MClient - Accessibility - Fixed an issue with JAWS 2021 where not all characters of the subject field in a mail message were being...
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